Will The Coming Downturn spur MORE Innovation?

Most of our topics on this podcast have been focused on established industries and businesses we’ve all heard of before.  But there’s a lot going on right now with small business and entrepreneurship.  We’re seeing more investment from PE firms and family offices in start-up ventures especially in the medical field.  So we thought we’d reach out to an expert…

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Turnarunds, Bankruptcy and Restructuring

We’ve talked a lot on this podcast about the state of turnarounds in the U.S. right now with our coverage of the Turnaround Management Association and their conferences.  We’ve said it before – an economic downturn is expected in the next 18-24 months.  In this episode of Directionally Correct, we get perspective from someone in the turnaround business.  Greg Saltsman…

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The True Cost of Turnover and What To Do About It.

Turnover sucks.  It’s hard on your staff, your customers and your brand.  But do you know what the actual dollar cost of a lost employee is?  We look at research from the Drucker Institute and talk about our own experience, offering insights on things you can do to lower the high cost of employee turnover in your business. Go to…

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Improving performance: One Metric or Many?

Should you align your entire organization to one performance metric?  A well known VC firm says “yes”.  We respectfully disagree.  This week on Directionally Correct we discuss the One Metric Dilemma, and how to choose the right metric (or metrics) for your organization.  Go to Source Author: Southern Oak Consulting Powered by WPeMatico

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Why Business Performance Matters. Really.

If you’ve listened to this podcast before you know we touch on a lot of subjects that affect business performance.  If you’ve ever wondered why that is, today we reference a study from the Drucker Institute about the benefits of consistently delivering high performance over a range of business areas in order to achieve higher financial performance.  Go to Source…

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