The True Cost of Turnover and What To Do About It.

Turnover sucks.  It’s hard on your staff, your customers and your brand.  But do you know what the actual dollar cost of a lost employee is?  We look at research from the Drucker Institute and talk about our own experience, offering insights on things you can do to lower the high cost of employee turnover in your business. Go to…

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Improving performance: One Metric or Many?

Should you align your entire organization to one performance metric?  A well known VC firm says “yes”.  We respectfully disagree.  This week on Directionally Correct we discuss the One Metric Dilemma, and how to choose the right metric (or metrics) for your organization.  Go to Source Author: Southern Oak Consulting Powered by WPeMatico

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Why Business Performance Matters. Really.

If you’ve listened to this podcast before you know we touch on a lot of subjects that affect business performance.  If you’ve ever wondered why that is, today we reference a study from the Drucker Institute about the benefits of consistently delivering high performance over a range of business areas in order to achieve higher financial performance.  Go to Source…

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Using Big Data to Show a Better Way

Big data and big analytics are having a big impact on our businesses and daily lives.  Today we talk to a non-profit consultant who is having remarkable success getting organizations to completely change how they operate by using data and metrics that show a better way.  Greg Saltsman talks to Cathy Sheffield of ThinkGiving.  Go to Source Author: Southern Oak…

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Strategic Partnerships

It’s becoming more common for businesses to form strategic partnerships with suppliers, retailers, distribution companies and even customers in order to further their own goals.  But what’s the best way to structure these arrangements and do they really add value most of the time?  In this episode, we look at a few partnerships in the news – both successful and…

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Best Practices and Resistance to Change

This week on the podcast, we look at a few real-world examples of how the implementation of best practices can move the needle dramatically for businesses, and discuss why some firms are unable to accomplish these changes.  Go to Source Author: Southern Oak Consulting Powered by WPeMatico

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