Southern Oak Consulting Industries.

We are industry agnostic.

We are industry agnostic.  Why?  Because we have yet to see proof of a causal link between industry experience and the ability to effectively stimulate financial performance.  So if industry knowledge isn’t critical, what really moves the needle?  Three things:

  1. Connection of a firm’s strategy to data
  2. Consistent iterative review of performance
  3. Being focused on results

And we have great depth on delivering performance on those terms.

Connection Of A Firm's Strategy To Data

As a private equity investor have you ever wondered why an investment company failed to perform as expected? The answer is most likely a failure at the strategic level. At Southern Oak, we take great care to craft strategic plans that align with the company’s mission statement but then we take a hard look at data… and not just the financial data. We look at operational metrics, customer feedback, market data and more to validate that what we think we should be doing to grow the firm aligns with what our customers, employees, vendors and community members expect us to be doing to further their interests. Why? Because no company achieves success on its own.

Consistent Iterative Review Of Performance

Most strategies are directionally correct when launched, especially if they have been validated against multiple data sources. However, they require constant refinement to hone their accuracy and to adjust to new market conditions. It’s actually in the refinement stage where most opportunity for competitive advantage is born. Being attuned to both quantitative and qualitative data allows Southern Oak to detect new opportunities before others and let the companies we consult for becoming market makers. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Maecenas porttitor congue massa. Fusce posuere, magna sed sedsed

Being Focused On Results

It may seem odd to that focusing on delivering great results is a differentiator for us – but based on our experiences with other organizations – it is. We don’t care if we run 2 projects or 200 projects to get a company performing. We don’t judge ourselves based on project scorecards or any other tool a consultant can dream up to prove they are effective. We judge ourselves by the same metrics that you as a private equity investor judge yourself – by whether or not the companies you invest in exceed expectations. Doing this ensures that our interests are always fully aligned with that of our clients. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.