Southern Oak Consulting Capabilities.

We only ask one thing of our clients

We only ask one thing of our clients – judge us by the results we help you achieve.  We align projects to both strategy and data to ensure true impact for our clients.   Our organizational structure allows us to scale to serve companies of any size and our talent pool allows us to implement effective solutions in a range of strategic areas including operations, information technology, finance and organization design

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We Help Private Equity Investments Achieve Higher Returns.

How We Add Value

We add value is 3 ways: scalability, flexibility and strategic focus.  Scalability refers to our ability to serve private equity backed companies in the lower, middle and upper middle market.  Flexibility refers to how we tailor solutions across wide spectrum issues based on our depth in operator talent.  And the strategic focus is our way of restating the importance tying projects back to overall strategy and focusing on delivering actual results.